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in my dreams, i am the star. its me.
[ Each and every member of the League is herded, coerced or otherwise directed to the Hub. Their message? The time has come for Radric to move on to his next project; the wonderful folks at BFL have helped him reach for his dreams, occasionally doing the reaching for him, but nevertheless he will miss each and every one of you. You are going home, dear Leaguers and Leaguettes. He personally appears as the host of the Brofist Series Finale, dressed in a suit and tie which are far too glittery and silver. He lifts his microphone while standing on a podium raised in the center of the Hub floor. Surrounding him are buffet tables, minibars, various presents for everyone, and oddly enough, an altar... ]

Good evening, ladies, gents, cats and dogs, robots and various other things! As you are all aware, I must sadly confess that our little adventure is indeed drawing to a close. We at the League appreciate your cooperative enthusiasm in making this show such a wondrous success! Everyone has shown such remarkable talent in all sorts of unusual things, wouldn't you agree? Fighting zombies, attending high school, confronting your deepest fears, oooh! Such a time we have had, this past year.

Now, we move into the New Year, spirits high and minds wiser! Isn't that a reward all on its own? And that's not all we're celebratin' here today, haha, oh no! Today we shall also be witnessing the exciting marriage of our very own Excel and Shiina! There is no limit to the enjoyment in store tonight! Drink, eat, party your faces off! And when the day is done, the Portal shall open and send you all back where you came from, you dimensionally misplaced scamps!

I am Director Radric! This is Brofist TV! Signing off for the final time! ♥ Take it away, Masada!

[ In the distance, Masada-sensei plays a jaunty piano melody...

This is it, folks! The final countdowwwwnnnnnnnnnn!! Any and all characters who have played here, past or present, anyone who has been a part of this family; you are welcome to join in, have fun, and definitely enjoy the party! Just comment with whatever your character is doing at the party, maybe looking for someone or enjoying their final hours in the League. Even if you think you were forgotten, you weren't and I implore you to come and share this final event with us. ♥ This post will remain at the top indefinitely- however, this comm is still open to be used as a musebox (new entries will appear below this one) so don't stop the magic ♥ GOODNIGHT, SWEET NETWORK!! ]

June 18th 2009 - January 6th, 2011 ♥
Defiant To The End We Hear The Call
[As per tradition, Kukaku is throwing the league a totally bitchin' new year's party.

Tables are set out with food, snacks, booze, and non-booze drinks (for the children and wusses) in high volume, and she's prepped for an enormous fireworks show the likes of which the league has never seen from her before.

This year was a big year for her in a handful of ways. For the first time in a long while, Kukaku did a lot of changing. Changing that she's proud of for once. And she's had to fit all of that into a fireworks display. Not that it'll me anything to anyone but her. But at least everyone else can enjoy the show.]

[OOC: New years party time!! Feel free to mingle and thread-hop. It's a party!]
[Guess who died. Again.

It's not that hard to tell since there aren't many other reasons a cat around here would have an eyepatch and a scorpion tail.

In a slight change of pace, the little black cat that is Adiane is riding around on her Skorupi's back. Adiane seems less upset that she died this time, as it has lead to er coming into some valuable information. However, neither she nor Ester can open the door to her trailer currently, so they are just sort of wandering around until Adiane has thumbs again.]
27th-Nov-2010 06:09 pm - SHOW #40 // THE NEWS AT SIX
[ Have you ever wanted to be an anchorman? Or have the ability to tell it exactly like it is? Well good, because Brofist TV is now the Bro Reports News Station, and all of you are now reporters, both in the studio and LIVE ON THE SCENES of exciting news. Everyone will get a news bulletin and be told to read it. Whatever yours is, it will actually happen wherever you are. And the cameras are there! This will also happen for the weather report! If your news is the most interesting, everyone will be told of a prize they win for having the best reports. ]

It's time for a news flash! Welcome to the Bro Reports at 6, I am Radric with the news. This evening, we have our special journalists on the job to bring you the latest headlines. So let's get the truth out there!

[ this event will last until next Sunday. You can scope out your own stories, make up whatever absurd events you want. thank you jane for the idea. ]
[Nishiki, in digging through the junk in her trailer, has rediscovered some of the modular attachments her beloved Master had made for her. And, of course, this means she will be using them to do what she does best, annoying the crap out of anyone within the range of her high pitched squeals. First up on her trip is a visit to Brofist's aquarium, where Nishik  seems to have dived into the fish tank and can now be found chasing and attempting to play with the various creatures that inhabit the watery world.]

Come back Mr. Fish! I just wanna play with you!

[ooc: Hey I'm not dead! Grad school was just kicking my ass for awhile there.]
[Look who's back after yet another crazy meltdown. She's coming back from the hub, soaking wet, grinning like a madman. Ester is up on her shoulder since she can't seem to stop swishing her tail back and forth.

She's set her affairs in order, and may be plotting the death of a certain all mighty director again. It's also possible that a good deal of he progress certain humans have made in making her slightly more tolerant has been completely thrown out the window.

But for now, she plans on celebrating the fact that she is alive, and that she is going to die. So it's off to the lounge, not bothering to dry off of get changed, to have a few drinks.]
21st-Nov-2010 02:21 am - 02 [open]
I'm living now bearing it all
[Maya today is sitting on the steps to her trailer, reading a book. This...well, reading is one of Maya's hobbies, anyway, but to do so in public is another. In any case, upon closer inspection, she seems to be reading a romance novel...except she's kind of trying to disguise this with another book, since lol reading romance novels in public.

Harass her?]
One Day I'll Fly
Get me more of 27-D.

No no. Not that one. The other one.

[Across the front of her trailer, Kukaku has taped up a long sheet of paper. She's pacing along the length of her trailer, drinking an unlabeled bottle of lord only knows what as she does, marking things at various points across the length, calling number and letter combinations to her swinub, who is scurrying between crates she's put out in front of her trailer, pulling out spheres wrapped in cloth and putting them in a line behind her at the points she's making marks.]

Get another 47-R. ...And 16-K. I'm gonna need that one.

[She grins, marking them on the sheet of paper, though what she's written doesn't look like the numbers and letters she said at all.]

This is gonna be a good one, Ganbu.
11th-Nov-2010 12:00 am - [7th Lesson] Hiding With Shinigami
Sleepy Akane
[Some time after the Halloween event, Akane managed to find her trailer.

Terrified of the Hollows she thought was outside, she's been hiding in it ever since.  Nobody told her it was just an illusion, she still thinks they're around somewhere.

But now, she's run out of food and needs to go get some more.

She's too scared to leave her trailer, so she's anxiously peeking out of her windows, trying to make a decision.]

3rd-Nov-2010 05:54 pm - [1st] Dance - MORE TALKING CATS
[Congrats, Brofist. You have yet another talking cat. She's already found her trailer and settled in, and she seems pretty pleased with being here, even if at the moment she looks a little confused.

She gets the basic idea of television, even if the nuances of it are beyond her. But she doesn't really care since, hey she gets to be an actress! And from the looks of it she'll be treated equally alongside her human co-stars! Hurray!

So now she's just kind of wandering the league.]

.....Does anyone know where I go to pick up my script?
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